The best Brown Swiss FEMbryos

Fraaie Brown Swiss dochter Random Luck KB Phoebe EX-93

Directly out of the best Brown Swiss cows including Random Luck S Peekaboo EX-92, the granddaughter out of Random Luck KB Phoebe EX-93!

Peekaboo EX-92:
* Grand Champion Wisconsin State Fair 2015
* Nominated All American 4yr Old 2015
* Nominated All American Junior 3yr Old 2014
* 4th Junior 3yr Old World Dairy Expo 2014
* Nominated All American Junior 2yr Old 2013
* 5th Junior 2yr Old World Dairy Expo 2013
* 1st Junior 2 & 3yr Old Wisconsin State show 2013 & 2014

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