Jersey donor: Video FEMbryos x Damitari EX-95

Shinning-Star Minister Damitari September 2023

Shinning-Star Minister Damitari EX-95 is a great and high producing Jersey cow out of the well known Huronia Centurion Veronica EX-97 family.

Damitari her productions:
3.00 305d 8.749kg 5.2% 456f 3.5% 309p
4.03 305d 9.566kg 5.4% 516f 3.8% 360p
5.03 305d 10.197kg 5.4% 548f 3.8% 390p
6.05 305d 11.700kg 5.5% 644f 3.6% 420p
7.06 305d 10.905kg 5.6% 606f 3.8% 415p
8.07 305d 11.291kg 5.3% 602f 3.7% 419p
10.00 fresh again August 2023, looks excellent!

Out of Damitari are now St Lo Video FEMbryos for you available.

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